Your Guide : Grant Figura 

I am an artist, photographer and avid fly fisherman and I can't wait to share my 18 years of experience on the water with you. 

My father put a fishing pole in my hand before I could walk and I've been thanking him for it ever since. Brought up fly fishing in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, I fell in love with sight fishing. I spent long evenings fishing for trout, bass and northern pike as a boy. My obsession with fly fishing continued during my time in undergrad at Alfred University. I would steal away to the Genesee River every chance I got, catching huge brown trout on streamers and dry flies. From there I headed south and spent two years in the Blue Ridge Mountains catching native brook trout, rainbows and browns in rivers and streams scattered along the countryside. Today I am happily catching fish on the beautiful rivers here in Western Massachusetts. The remote stretches of the Deerfield and Westfield teach me something new every time I head out and hold some phenomenal trout. 

Mostly all the fish that I catch on the Westfield and Deerfield are caught on streamers, buggers and big fluffy dries. I tend to get bored quickly with nymphing, its really not my thing. So if you prefer nymphing I may not be the guide for you, but I would happy to steer you in the right direction.

North River Anglers is a one man show started in 2014 by Grant Figura. It was set in motion to bring others outside and experience fly fishing first hand. Come have an adventure and experience the beautiful rivers of Western Massachusetts.