The Deerfield River

The Deerfield River. My Front Yard! The Deerfield starts in Southern Vermont, makes its way alongside the scenic Mowhawk Trail and finally ends up meeting the Conneticut River in Deerfield Massachusetts. This river is perfect for half day trips on late afternoons and evenings during the summer. During the magic hour between 6:30 - 8:30pm browns, rainbows and brookies come to the surface to take a dry fly. This is a sizable river with large pools, riffles and runs that hold some big fish. You can throw sizable streamers for "Hogs" or match the evening hatch with a dry fly. With its stunning bends and wildlife, you won’t be disappointed.

The EB of the Westfield River

The East Branch of the Westfield River: Perfect for full day trips! I live about 25 min from the EB and fish it often. The Westfield is a wild beautiful freestone river and its one of the most serene rivers I’ve ever fished. Once you fish it, you’re hooked (pun intended!). We will be targeting browns, rainbows and wild brook trout with the occasional but rare tiger trout. The EB is also shallow at points. If you have lightweight breathable waders bring those. It can get hot down in the gorge and I personally like to wear water shoes and wade in the shallows with no waders at all on warmer afternoons and evenings.

The Swift River

The Swift River: The Swift River is a beautiful tailwater fishery that flows directly out of the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts. Its a stone's throw away from Boston and makes for some of the best dry fly / sight fishing in the state. The Swift has a popular catch and release stretch with anglers throwing microscopic flies to some very educated trout (boring). I do not guide there. The Swift has miles of water below that stretch teaming with brook trout and oversized browns. I'll show you some of the lesser know locations on the Swift with trout eager to take a fly no mater what time of year. The brook trout population on this tailwater is incredible and its one of the best rivers to learn how to fly fish or brush up on your skills.